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Aside from getting your Surface tablet get fixed at computer repair shops, you could also take advantage if it is still under warranty and process a repair via MIcrosoft. If.This was an old tablet made for reading, and it was a p.o.s. So enjoy.About product and suppliers: offers 99 repair screen tablet broken products.With modern LCD and OLED screens, there are millions of incredibly small dots (pixels) that make up all of the contents of your display—and within these pixels, there is a set of red, green and blue subpixels.

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Let it be your professional, personal or school life; broken phone, tablet and laptop can make your day difficult.

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A Microsoft Surface screen repair will be applicable to Surface devices that are either cracked or has dents.Display is working ok but touch is working only half the screen. I live in.I was charging my TF and my phone drop on my screen (from the shelf) within 25cm, and the screen cracked.The most fragile component of Android device is probably its screen display.Model: A6001 B1-850 All internal parts are present No case, no.

Well, i had the same problem with mine, yet i still use it a lot.They promised a 1 hour turn around time for my cracked screen and they had it completed on time as promised.

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Puls is an on-demand repair company that sends an expert technician to you who will fix your broken iPhone screen on the spot.For some reason, the larger scale makes it that much more heartbreaking.

Fix Broken iPad Screen - Step 1: Getting the Right Parts Identifying which parts you need replaced and which you can reuse is the first step in fixing your broken iPad screen.

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Mine is just a broken touch screen the lcd screen under is perfectly fine.All the items are displayed according to the category, including contacts, messages, call logs, WhatsApp, pictures, videos, music and other documents.About 41% of these are mobile phone lcds, 1% are lcd modules, and 1% are touch screen monitors.

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Hello, i had the same problem, and this was my solution (Copied from another thread, regarding my broken Tablet).Acer Iconia One 8 tablet, faulty will not power up and screen is cracked might be an easy fix for someone who knows what they are doing.The Issue in detail The problem usually presents itself like this: you boot up your tablet and the tablet reaches the Android logo and hangs there and never moves.

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Smartphone and tablet screens can crack if they get accidently dropped or knocked, often leaving the owner with the choice of a potentially expensive professional repair or throwing the item away.Batteries gently degrade over time and have an expected charge and discharge lifecycle.

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And then to fix Samsung black screen of death. Step 2. Connect the Samsung device to the computer using a reliable USB cable.

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Fix My Touch is a cell phone repair and mobile device repair company built to make a difference in the business community through its unique concept development around providing the highest quality available, for the most responsible pricing, operating with the highest ethical standards.

Rest assured we have the fix and you should be leaving here today with your tablet that is now broken in working condition once again.

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Knowing which parts you need is key because it will help you save money.

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